All engagement between Cityplans architect and clients is always a positive and productive experience.  Cityplans acknowledge that a good working relationship is very important to ensure clients satisfaction.

Cityplans  architectural service includes:

  1. Plans for residential and commercial properties .
  2. Refurbishment and alteration of existing properties.
  3. Plans for an extension to existing properties i.e. loft cover conversion, ground, and first floor.
  4. House conversion into flats.
  5. Obtaining planning and building regulation approval.
  6. Carry out any studies which may be needed to establish
    feasibility i.e. cost implication and outline timetable for projects.

Our core purpose since the inception of this agency is a price. Our list of Architects will undertake the complete design process of new building as well as modernization of existing building and advise on any planning issues plus liaise with Local Authority at a competitive rate.

It is very important to choose the right architect to perform the duty you require. So for a piece of mind just ring  Cityplans Direct Cityplans as a team of Architects with over 30 years of experience with and know that it is necessary for the client to understand the technicality off the work before agreeing to proceed with any project.

For a full range of service

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